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About me

Hello! My name is Amber

I have an established business, with many years experience, of helping people to manage their lives and stress levels. 

I have worked all over the world with all types of people including the rich and famous, therefore I have a knowledge and understanding of peoples different life styles cultures and religions.

My expertise definitely stands out when I am doing a therapy, and this is the reason why I have such an established business and cliental.

 I hold certificates and diplomas in NLP hypnotherapy, counselling, reiki alternative therapies and massage. I work in a lovely private room, that is quiet and warm. I am not clinic based because this can sometimes be quite daunting. I take good care of all my patients and do my best to cater for all their needs. Thank you.

I am a qualified practitioner in NLP, hypnotherapy, counselling, healing, reiki, life coach, sex therapy and detox massage. I am Manchester based and conduct my therapies in a secure and quiet environment. If you would like to keep your identity discrete, then my online services are a good option for you.

I have many years experience of supporting people to manage their lives and stress levels. Within that time I have helped many people and hope to help many more. I conduct hypnotherapy counselling and life coaching privately and over the telephone. If you would like to have a telephone consultation, then please contact me first to check on my availability and before you make your payment.


Having a therapy will help you to find your way in life, some times changing your pathway brings many new and exciting adventures. Or perhaps you just need to talk to someone who will listen and understand you, without making any judgements

have worked all over the world with all types of people, therefore I have a knowledge and understanding of people's life styles, different cultures and religions and my clients can be assured of confidentiality. My expertise definitely stands out when I am doing a therapy which is the reason why I have such an established business and cliental


My therapies are designed to help heal your mind body and spirit, enabling you to  feel balance, inner peace and also to help direct you towards your dreams goals and aspirations. 

For prices, appointment times and where I conduct my consultations, or just for more information on hypnotherapy reiki and counselling, please feel free to click on any of the bars at the top of this page. Thank you.


Why us?

I have many satisfied clients, some of my clients have been having my therapies for over 20 years, I even have clients calling me from different parts of the world.

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